All modern online gambling Malaysia on the Internet claim that it is their site that is the highest quality and most honest of all. But what is the player’s disappointment when the next “absolutely honest casino” brazenly deceives him.

According to statistics, the number of fraudulent casinos, unfortunately, is much greater than that of solid honest establishments. Thus, becoming a victim of scammers in this area is extremely high. That is why every gambler needs to know how to check the honesty of an online casino.

Site appearance

To begin with, to understand that a casino can be a fraud, just go to its website and take a good look around. If the site is made of poor quality, and the games are of poor quality, then, of course, it can be a so-called one-day site. That is, it was designed specifically to quickly attract players, collect money from them and further evaporate in an unknown direction.

Money withdrawal

There is another method of checking a casino for fairness, which is characterized by high risk. To do this, the player will have to play, win and try to withdraw a certain amount of money. If the withdrawal is successful, then the site can be given an opportunity, but if some incomprehensible problems arise, then such an online casino should be bypassed by the tenth way.

Availability of a license

How can you find out the honesty of a casino in other ways? Any gambling establishment that comes into the entertainment industry for a long time must have an official license for such activities.

If an online casino has such a license, it will exercise control over its activities and will not allow any oversights or deception. Indeed, in this case, it will be expelled in shame from the world of excitement and stop working. And his place will immediately be taken by those who have earned the title of an honest licensed institution.


An online casino can be considered fair if you can find information about official audits at the bottom of the trusted online casino Malaysia. After all, this suggests that the institution does not even try to tweak the software used in its favor.

Software providers

The presence of video slots from different leading manufacturers on such a site can also speak of the honesty of the chosen casino . After all, this suggests that the casino does not skimp on the purchase of expensive, but very reliable software. Thus, this is quite a great way to check the fairness of a gambling establishment.

Fair Play Guarantee

How to distinguish original slots from fake ones in casinos? Many online casino sites now have a so-called fairness guarantee. It is based on a special encryption value MD5. Using this method, in a special section of the site, you can check the combinations that are determined by the full-fledged Random Number Generator. In the future, they will be surely issued with the results that could be observed at the time of the game.

Thus, it is possible to identify whether there is any interference in the course of the game, whether the site representatives tried to play against the rates of a particular player. The system itself is very clever, since the player does not need to know how, for example, the roulette will rotate. However, if you study it, then it will become very easy to determine whether the chosen institution is honest.

In conclusion

Casino honesty is the main parameter when choosing a slot machine . The user must be able to check the selected casino for deception and honesty. Moreover, such a procedure is quite simple and does not require much time.